"Hurricane Hill will certainly remain in my memory for weeks to come. Should you get a chance to see this play in any potential future performances, you should look forward to it immensely."

Sebastian Gahan.




Written and directed by Chris Leicester

       Co-directed by Paul Braithwaite

"One of the best visiting productions we have had the pleasure to stage."

Harry Denford, owner of The London Theatre, October 2014


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“Enjoyed the book a lot. Grabbed me from the beginning and had trouble putting it down. Well written.”

Louetta Walters – NetGalley – 5 stars

“Essentially, I enjoyed the novel, it is extremely well written. The author applies a very descriptive style of writing to full effect. The story is carefully crafted and the reader is drawn in bit by bit.”

Tony Walsh – NetGalley – 5 stars

“It's a well written and worthy read. I didn't know what to expect at first, but I found myself enjoying this far more than I expected to.”

Melanie Kimble  – NetGalley  – 4 stars

****  "Powerful, unsettling drama.... A fine, thought provoking play. Catch it on tour if you can."   Remotegoat 26/9/15

"This is a moving and timely book" 

Kate Nelson – Goodreads – 4 stars

Hurricane Hill by Chris Leicester


“Deceptively brilliant... Must read!” 

Alexandra Adams  – amazon.co.uk  – 5 stars  - see full review 

“Hurricane Hill has been a reading experience that makes me think about the moral choices we all have to make on different levels. I loved the descriptive writing style of Chris Leicester, I was able to become engrossed in this story as it unfolds and held me captive from the beginning. Great book.”

Pamela Wester – NetGalley – 4 stars